What’s the Deal with Infrared Thermometers?

What's the deal with infrared thermometers written and image of temperature check with infrared forehead thermometer

As you would have noticed, infrared thermometers are being used more frequently as an initial screening for COVID19. Restaurants, airports, companies and schools are all making use of these devices.

Why are thermometers being used?

There is no accurate way to detect Coronavirus other than an actual COVID test.

In an effort to contain any possible risk of infection, infrared thermometers are a good way to detect body temperature and fever. The device measures temperature through the forehead from a distance within seconds. While using the Infrared thermometer you don’t need to have physical contact with the person you are testing. This helps in avoiding the risk of getting infected.

Using an infrared thermometer is a good way to perform mass screenings but is not 100% effective in detecting the virus especially since many people with Coronavirus are actually asymptomatic. This being said, an infrared thermometer is a great starting point in reducing the risk of infection.

What are the benefits of using this device?

  • An infrared thermometer is a quick way of reading temperatures and allows for a large number of people to be evaluated individually at points of entry.
  • These devices require minimal cleaning between uses.
  • No contact is required between the guest and the person performing the temperature check.
  • Results are instant

Are these devices accurate?

The accuracy of the devices may depend heavily on how they are used. How far the device is from you, where exactly the device is pointed, and how long and steadily it is held until the reading registers are all factors that need to be kept in mind.

Another factor here is the type of device being used. Like with most products on the market, there are options ranging from cheap and low quality to expensive and high quality. Often, cheap and low-quality thermometers do not produce accurate readings and could be a hinderance in trying to control infection rates.

So how do you know if your thermometer is accurate and high quality?

FDA approval is a great way to identify whether your thermometer meets the standard requirements.

Where can I buy an FDA approved infrared thermometer?

Khulanathi’s infrared thermometers are FDA and CE approved.


Temperature screening alone is not an effective way to completely stop the spread of COVID19. It is essential that infrared thermometers are used as indicated in the instructions to ensure accurate readings.