What value can personal protective equipment add to your business?

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Are you able to put a price on your safety?

If I had to offer you $100,000 for your eyes would you accept it? No! What about your hand, or maybe just a thumb? Or maybe you’d accept this for a lung? Come ‘on it’s just one, surely you don’t need two?

If we’re unwilling to accept the above, why are we willing to procure PPE based on price?

We need to ask ourselves: what is the purpose of PPE? The answer is simple, the purpose of PPE is to act as the last barrier of protection against injury. Yet we procure PPE as if we’re trading confectionary items.

The more important question which we should be asking is? Does this item reduce/eliminate the risks associated to the application?

Cost should not be a factor because the byproducts of procuring goods based on risk elimination are easily quantifiable, in that a well selected good quality item will:

  1. Outperform and outlast a cheap product.
  2. Reduce down time.
  3. Reduce/eliminate workers compensation payouts.
  4. Reduce waste.
  5. Increase productivity.
  6. Less admin (saved man hours).
  7. Improve safety of employees.

However, these considerations are not often considered, and when considered they are not generally acted upon. It is only acted upon when the proverbial pawpaw hits the fan and blood has been shed.

If an item costs you double or even triple of what you are currently paying, and it hypothetically offers you the same durability but not the same protection. Why do we fight back and flinch when we see a new product which provides improved safety at a higher cost? The elimination of risk should always supersede the cost. There is no point in spending money on PPE that does not serve its ultimate purpose.

A product that meets the required standards and is of better quality will always provide a higher return on investment. Better products last longer. Your money should be spent on personal protective equipment that reduces or eliminates risk completely.

Instead of asking what the cost of the product is, the question that you should be asking is:

How much are your fingers / hands / eyes worth?

Are you able to put a price on your safety?

There is a definite truth in the saying: a penny wise, a pound foolish. Our goal is not just to box drop, but rather to understand your business and safety requirements, by supplying PPE which answers the correct questions.

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