Flex-Pro Series

Flex-Pro™ has it all! Aggressive style, lightweight comfort, Ballistic protection
and CoreFlex™ technology.

Flex-Pro™ Photochromic is our most recent addition
Lens tint automatically adjusts to changing ultraviolet light
when moving indoors or outdoors. Darkening/clearing in
about 60 seconds.

Flex-Pro™ SlimFit (SF) is designed to fit slimmer facial profiles
Fits 10 mm thinner width and 6mm shorter in length.

Ballistic V rated for Greater Impact Protection
Tested to US Military Standard MIL-PRF-31013 Impact Test.

Long Lasting SuperCoat™ Anti-Fog
Washable coating on clear and grey lenses in the Flex-Pro™ Series.
Provides anti-scratch and anti-static protection.

Form-Fitting Design
CoreFlex™, sleek and soft rubber thin temples
allows for infinite personalized adjustments,
optimal secure fit and non-slip performance

All day comfort
Soft, cushioned saddle nose bridge and
feather light frame enhances comfort- weighs
only 0.98 ounces/24 grams.