• One of the most popular PAPR’s in the world, the award-winning Adflo has become synonymous with welder’s powered air protection and provides increased protection and comfort all day long.

• The exclusive airflow pattern evenly distributes filtered air throughout the entire breathing zone of the welder.

• The new Adflo lithium-ion battery charges from 0-80% of its full capacity in approximately one hour and lasts approximately 8-10 hours depending on conditions.

• Super Light Welding Respirator with Slim Profile.

• Self-Adjusting Breathing Hose. The Quick Release Swivel (QRS) allows for one handed connection and release.

• Stackable Protection from Welding Fume, Particles and Gases.

• Standard & Airflow Plus. The respirator airflow is always a constant nominal rate of 170 litres per minute regardless of the battery’s charge or the particle loading of the filter.

• Industry Leading Warranty Protection. The Adflo PAPR features a revolving 2 year warranty.