9100 FX Air

Welding Shield with Huge Clear & Curved Grinding Visor. A smooth flip-up function reveals a huge 170×100 mm clear grinding visor with 180 degree vision.

• Largest Welding Mask Viewing Area Available: The huge Speedglas 9100XXi auto-lens combined with the Speedglas peripheral Side Windows gives you the largest welding shield viewing area available on the market.

• Speedglas Side Windows. Previously hidden peripheral hazards (beams, obstacles and other workers) are now visible through two, shade 5 side lenses (conventional shade 13 protection).

• Unrivalled Arc Detection and switching. Photo-sensors capable of detecting an arc down to an industry-leading 1 amp with centre sensor for TIG applications.

• All Welding Applications with Multiple Modes. With shades 3, 5, 8, 9-13 and multiple mode settings you can weld, cut, grind and tack, indoors and outdoors even with a completely hidden arc.

• Welding Mask with Auto-On. With Auto-On your welding helmet is instantly ready to weld; programmed to your last used welding setting.

• Industry Leading Warranty Protection. Speedglas 9100 features a revolving 3 year warranty