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Wearing a mask in public has become a rule in South Africa as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, South Africa has been inundated with masks of all colours, sizes, brands and standards.

We’ve investigated numerous face masks of all shapes and sizes. From funky material masks to surgical and industrial masks like the N95 and FFP2, our PPE team evaluated each mask based on the level of protection, cost, availability and most importantly, comfort.

The team went far and wide to find out what people thought of the masks they had been given at their place of work. The biggest complaint from consumers was about 3 ply material masks, which consumers found to be thick, hot, and made breathing difficult. If your employees are not comfortable, they are likely to take their mask off which could cause huge problems for the business.

When consulting with business owners and managers, our team found that many had no idea how often their employee’s masks were being washed. Wearing a mask that has not been washed after each use has a large hygienic risk and increases the risk of spreading COVID-19. It is essential that all workers wear a clean mask, however, this is very difficult to regulate.

Taking all of this into consideration, our team has finally found the Khulanathi Mask of Choice!


benefits of antimicrobial masks

The antimicrobial mask was the ultimate winner….here’s why:

  • This mask is thin and lightweight, making breathing easier, especially in our hot South African climate.
  • It is comfortable to wear for long periods.
  • It surpasses the Government’s regulations for efficacy on material face masks.
  • It is white, which means that dirt shows up easily – this is a good thing because it is easy to tell if the mask has been washed or not. This is a huge benefit especially in the food industry.
  • The mask has antimicrobial and mechanical filtration properties which most masks do not.
  • Its natural silver anti-microbial solution offers the most highly durable, cost-effective performance and protection against bacteria and viruses.

So why isn’t everyone using this mask?

There is a huge misconception in the market regarding “3 ply fabric masks”. The government’s guidelines state that a fabric mask needs to act as a barrier to extremely small droplets generally upwards of 5 microns. This does not necessarily mean that the mask must have 3 layers. The reason that the antimicrobial mask is so lightweight and breathable is because it only has one layer. This does NOT mean that the mask offers a lower level of protection than a 3-ply mask. The antimicrobial mask’s mechanical filtration is 90% of all particles over 0.2 micron. This surpasses the government’s guideline of under 5 microns. The material of a N95 disposable mask filter is certified to 0.3 microns.

The antimicrobial mask is Khulanathi’s mask of choice especially now that summer is here. Unlike thick 3-ply masks which leave you feeling hot and bothered, the antimicrobial mask makes breathing easy whilst still providing unsurpassed protection!

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